A while back I had the most amasing opportunity, to go to a real castle to shoot!!

My lovely friend Petra who runs this wedding blog  had bought this amazing couture wedding dress and  so we started searching for the perfect location, and I remembered a place I once had stumbled upon, while planing a surprise-wedding-party for a dear friend, (which in the end never happened.. I mean, the surprise party didn’t happen.. the wedding most certainly did and they’re still happily married.. 🙂 ).

Anyhow I tried to find the place again, but no matter how much I searched for it I didn’t remember enough to actually find the place. Later when I talked to Petra, she knew exactly which location I was talking about, Svartå Manor,  and so we decided to ask them for permission. They we’re very kind and let us shoot in their castle, BUT I’m not gonna show you those just yet…. :P

These pictures are from outside the castle in the absolutley gorgeous park surrounding the manor.