Hi there!

I have a sister. (I actually have two, but I’ll save the introduction of the other one for later. 🙂 ) As you can see, she is the gorgeous and proud mother of one and a half kids. She is kind and warm, she takes care of others for a living and she always answers her phone when her big-sister (me) calls for emotional support.

For mothers-day we did a shoot with her whole beautiful family. Even tho the star of the shoot clearly became someone else, in my mind this shoot was all about the wonderful woman who didn’t really want to be in the pics. I’m secretly a little proud of all the stupid stuff we did as kids, regularly borrowing (some might call it steeling) a rowing boat for exciting adventures a whole 30 meters of shore, or having pretend rock-conserts for pretend audiences with made-up lyrics that only we could understand in the living room.

That said, and confessed; I’m beyond proud to call you my sis. You’re a great and devoted mom and deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

Have a great day!