Last Winter Storm

Hi there!

We decided to head out for a shoot with Carlos a while back. Just to take a short walk close by one of my favourite museums and coffee places and to take some half-random shots at the same time. I had this vision of a clear background and a man looking up to the sky, just a simple setup with all natural light. The weather had been on and off the whole day with rain, clear blue sky, sun, clouds, snow and everything in between, but it seemed to be set on sunny when we got to our set.

Suddenly the whole sky opened up and huge snowflakes blurred our vision and we could barely see our own hands right in front of us. Our first thought was to head for shelter, but on the way I had this vision of one last winter storm. Carlos was immediately with me and within 5 minutes we had this story shot. In post production I found the right feel for them and I absolutely love the final pics, hope you do to!

Have a good day!


Akseli Galleen-Kallela