There comes a time in every girls life, when reality just isn’t enough. For me as an involuntary and unconditional dreamer, that time comes a bit more often than I would like to admit. I guess that’s why I love Photoshop so much. ;) Ever since being a little girl I found myself utterly depressed by our boring reality, so I used to drown myself in all the fantasy literary I could lay my hands on.

In the very beginning of my photography, when I first started out, I had to make the pictures, cut them together out of several other (in my mind halves of) pictures, to get that special world I wanted. Now when I’m better equipped, I can just pic up my gear and go where ever I want and actually shoot the pic in the real environment right from the start. Which of course is absolutely WONDERFUL!

So, last week I had a quick horror shoot with Neeppu, in addition to an other shoot which I’ll tell you about a bit later. :) We had the lucky opportunity to have the lovely Ninni Finnberg as make-up artist, doing an absolutely awesome job making this young healthy girl look D E A D. And now here’s the result.